The Mysterious Mosquito Bite

Aside from the heat and humidity, one of the things that people complain about during summer is bugs.

I don’t like hot and humid days so summer is my least favorite season; and I’m scared of many bugs, but I don’t have problem with bugs in Japan, especially the mosquito.

In my first one or two years in Japan, I thought there were very, very few mosquitos here because I rarely saw one or got bitten by one. Then I had students who wrote or talked about what they did to get rid of mosquitos or how many times they got bitten by mosquitos.

These made me realize that there are lots of mosquitos in Japan!

They simply don’t like my blood. 😆

I don’t have a good understanding of mosquitos but I know that is true because in my six years in Japan, I have never been bitten by a mosquito.


At around 8 this morning, I felt an itch on my arm and when I looked I saw a mosquito bite! 😮😮

It was itchy, so I didn’t like it; but it also made me a little excited because it was a new experience. 😆


When I started writing this post, I looked at the mosquito bite again to check, BUT it has disappeared! 😱

Mysterious. 🤔

Maybe it wasn’t a mosquito bite.

Maybe it was a mosquito bite, but I’m SUPER healthy that it disappeared.

Maybe it was a mosquito bite, but it went away because mosquitos and mosquito bites in Japan don’t like my blood. 😆

Whatever the reason, it is good news. I don’t have to worry about mosquitos as usual. 🍀🍀🍀🍀

If you are the kind of person who gets bitten by mosquitos a lot, I can give you some of my blood to fight them. 😆