An Introduction, Part II

Yesterday, Matsutani-san had his first lesson with the students who will one day take my lessons. Now, he is the only one teaching them, but in May we will teach them together. I’m a bit worried because I’ve never taught with another person before, so I’m not sure how it will go.

One more thing I’m worried about is that I might tease Matsutani-san too much in front of the students. 😆 As the student who wrote the letter I posted yesterday said, I like to make jokes.

But I especially like doing it when the topic is Matsutani-san. 😂😂😂

Speaking of letters, here is another one:

    Letter 2:

    Dear Sir,

    On behalf of the students of (the) English conversation class, I would like to make a complaint about (our) teacher, Carmelia.

    She often complains about my favorite celebrities. When I show their pictures to her, Carmelia always laughs and says “KIMOI!” I feel very sad about it. They are cool.

    Thus, I would like to suggest that you teacher her better words like “KAKKOII” or “KAWAII.”

    (I) would like to appeal (to) your sense of moral and tell her not to say bad things so much.

I am, of course, only just kidding when I say “kimoi.” 😇😇😇

But I like to think that I also am just teaching my students honesty, which is a very, very important thing. 😂