Last One!

Today’s song is the last listening homework for this holiday, and I think I chose the right images to use in the documents because I feel like fall is here!

Fall is my favorite season because it takes the place of the hot and humid summer and it will be followed by winter, which I like because I prefer cold to hot and because Christmas is my favorite holiday and because my birthday is in December.

I don’t think today’s song is related to fall. I only chose it because I like it; but some people say that fall is kind of a sad season and today’s song sounds a bit sad, so maybe it fits the season. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!


Listening Homework
(you will find the link to the song inside the file and you can type your answers):
Listening Day 06

(please open only after you do the listening homework):
Listening Day 06 (with Answers)