Netflix Recommendations II

This next list of Netflix recommendation is for older English language learners or those who aren’t interested in watching animated shows. I haven’t seen two of the shows on this list, but I’m recommending them because I think they’re not very difficult to understand so they’re good for learners who can’t understand native speakers who speak quickly.

    1. Full House
    This show is great for everyone, I think, because the dialogues are simple and the actors don’t talk very quickly. I’ve only seen half of the first episode of Full House so I don’t know if all the episodes are like that, but I think if it the actors do talk faster eventually, viewers who have watched all previous episodes might be able to keep up.

    2. The Worst Witch
    I’m not sure if adult learners will be interested in this show because it’s about a girl who attends a school of magic. I haven’t seen this show either, but I think it might be a little bit more difficult than Full House because some of the words in the dialogues might not be easy for some viewers who don’t have a wide vocabulary.

    3. Friends
    This is the only show on this list that I have seen. I didn’t watch all episodes but I have seen enough and I have heard this recommended to English language learners enough to recommend it as well. The dialogues may not always be easy I think eventually, after watching enough episodes, language learners would be able to keep up and understand most or some of the dialogues. I enjoyed this show but I recommend this only to adults because I don’t think it’s appropriate for everyone.