Many people in Australia were surprised to know I’m Filipino because of the way I speak, and most of them agreed that the reason I sound the way I do is maybe because I saw a lot of American shows and movies while I was growing up. I think I’ve already written that before in this blog, but I just want to repeat how listening a lot to native speakers can contribute a lot to learning a language.

When I was young, my parents had to pay for cable TV or buy DVDs so I and my siblings could watch American shows or movies. But nowadays we’re lucky because the internet exists and we can watch movies and shows online. One website that I recommend to my students who are fluent enough is Netflix.

Netflix has a good collection of shows and movies in English and some of them have English subtitles so they’re good for studying the language. These are the shows on Netflix that I recommend to my students to watch in English and with or without English subtitles:

  • Worst Witch
  • Richie Rich
  • Friends
  • Full House
  • Big Bang Theory

Netflix isn’t free but they have a free 30-day trial and I think that’s enough time to try it out and see if the shows and movies can be interesting and useful for learning English.