2018 English Convo Awards

Reading a book per week (or two or three) is one of the things my students do to expose themselves to English outside of our classes.

Not everyone can finish a book in a week because some students don’t have a lot of time or a book is too long, but I have a student who consistently reads a book a week (except for a few times when he got sick) so I decided to give him an award for his efforts.

Speed Reader

The Speed Reader Award goes to Eisuke for frequently finishing a book a week. Personally, I believe that reading is very, very helpful when learning a language so I get excited when a student enjoys a book they’re reading or have read.

    speed reading – a method of reading faster than normal

I know that reading takes time, and most of my students probably don’t have a lot of time, so I am always impressed when a student finishes a book every week.