Body Dysmorphia

In my classes with my older students we discuss TED videos, which are helpful in their learning English because they get to do listening at home, discover new words and expressions, and learn different kinds of issues and topics.

I learn a lot from watching TED videos too, and one thing I and my students learned from watching the TED video for this week was body dysmorphia. I didn’t know this term, and I would have called it “insecurity” if I had heard it before; but now I know that it is a mental disorder.

insecurity – lack of confidencedisorder – a physical or mental condition that is not normal or healthy

People who have body dysmorphia or body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) think about their real or imagined flaws for hours each day. People with BDD may not go to work or school or parties, and stay away from other people including family and friends, because they think other people will notice their flaws.

imagined – not real or trueflaw – a fault or mistake that causes something not to be perfect

It’s a sad thing, but also a good thing to know; and I’m glad that my students are willing to discuss topics like this and many others even when they find it difficult.