I had been looking forward to the Golden Week because I had been feeling stressed. I don’t know exactly what is making me stressed but I think there are many reasons and the biggest one is the smell of my apartment.

One of my neighbors smokes. I know this because sometimes when I open the door to my balcony to let air in, cigarette smoke comes in and I have to close the door again and bring my clothes in. Also, most nights, cigarette smoke enters my apartment through the front door and my whole kitchen and dining room smells like smoke. It’s usually bad so I’ve had to wear masks in my apartment.

This experience of having to smell my neighbor’s cigarette smoke almost every day (and to wear mask inside the house) and not being able to complain is a new experience. In the Philippines, we would knock on our neighbor’s door and talk to them about the problem and find a solution together. But I’ve learned that that doesn’t happen in Japan; I can’t complain here.

However, I have found a solution: air purifier. At least, I THINK it has solved my problem. I’m not so sure because the smell between my bedroom and kitchen is still different (I escape to my bedroom and close the door as soon as I smell cigarette smoke) even after keeping the air purifier on for an hour.

It’s a huge pity (and another huge stressor) because, one, my neighbor is killing me slowly and I can’t do anything about it; two, the air purifier is not cheap at all and; three, I wrote this blog so I could recommend the air purifier but I cannot do that now, I guess. Anyway, I still wrote enough for the blog so I guess it’s okay.