During Holidays

Three days have passed since the summer holiday of Inari-juku started. I decided not to go anywhere because of two reasons: first, I will go somewhere next month, and second, I wanted to do things that I usually can’t when I have work.

    When I write I use up a lot of time and I think a lot. If I don’t, I can’t come up with something that I think is good enough. Now that I have enough time to think and write and edit, I can feel more comfortable writing and enjoy it.
    I always try to read as much as I can, but I have so much free time now that I can finally spend a lot of time reading. I’ve only read 23 books this year and my goal is to read at least 65 books until December.
    Meeting friends
    It’s usually difficult for me to meet friends because of my schedule, but now that I’m free in the afternoon and evenings I can finally spend time with them. I’ve already met with two friends, and I will meet three more.