Day 8: Star Festival

Today’s story is about Tanabata or Star Festival. It is a long story and there were many words I didn’t know, but it was okay because some of my students have already told me the story about the man and the woman who can only meet on the seventh day of the seventh month of a year.

There were also few kanji characters I could recognize, like the numbers, 月, 日 and 毎; but I got confused by one kanji. When I first saw 星 in the story, the hiragana characters beside it read ほし, but the next three times the hiragana was ぼし.

I know, in learning Japanese, I shouldn’t ask questions and I should only memorize, but it’s so hard to appreciate the language because of complications that don’t have any explanations.

    complication – a difficulty

My Japanese teacher keeps telling me that kanji is interesting, but I don’t feel that way yet. Hopefully, one day I will because I think appreciating a language can help in learning it.