Most Common English Words (no. 1.2)

Yesterday I wrote about the most common word in the English language, “the“, and I listed four general rules on how to use it. Today I will write about using the word with the names of places or things.

First, “the” is used with the names of rivers, a group of mountains or islands, and oceans.

  • The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean in the world. (This sentence also uses the first rule from yesterday!)
  • The Japanese Alps is in Honshu. (The Japanese Alps is not just one but many mountains together.)

It is also used with the names of countries that are plural (more than one), and names of countries that include “republic”, “kingdom”, or “states”.

  • I was born in the Philippines.
  • I want to visit the United States someday.

The” is also used with the names of famous buildings, artwork, or museums.

  • The Mona Lisa is in The Louvre.
  • The Eiffel Tower was built in the 1880s.

Finally, it can also be used with the names of families (not just one person).

  • I am good friends with the Smiths.
  • The Smiths invited me for dinner yesterday.

There are many rules on how to use “the” but it’s an important word so try to remember the rules if you can. The next word is also a small word like “the“. Can you guess what it is?

Read again tomorrow to find out!