All Ears Award

The first award under the 2019 English Convo Awards is for the activity that we almost always do first in my classes: LISTENING. I call it the “All Ears Award,” and it acknowledges the students who have regularly gotten the highest scores in the listening activity.

There will be three receivers of this award because I give three different listening activities every week (I will call them high, med and low), and this year there will also be runner-ups. Also, this award is for those students who usually listen to songs, so the students who listen to news and my youngest students who listen to songs, which are more for training rather challenging, were not considered in deciding the recipients of this award.

With all that said, here’s the award and the recipients:


Rena (High)
Alisa (Med)
Ibuki (Low)

Toki (High)
Kaede (Med)
Haruna (Low)