Most Common English Words (no. 19)

Do” is a verb with a lot of usages. First, as a helping verb, it is used in questions:

  • Where do you work?
  • Doesn’t he look very happy these days?

Second, it is used as the main verb in tag questions:

  • You understand, don’t you?
  • We see each other yesterday, did we?

Third, it can be used to mean “to perform” or “take part in”:

  • I have many things to do today.
  • I think you can do this on your own.

Fourth, it can be used to mean “to act”:

  • The students did everything their teacher said.
  • You did the right thing by telling the truth.

Fifth, it can be used to mean “to make, produce, or create”:

  • I have to do my homework tonight.
  • I’m doing a special projects because my grades are bad.

Finally, “do” can be used to mean “to clean” or “to make something look nice”:

  • I will do the dishes after dinner.
  • My friend did my hair because I’m going to a party.