Three Days Ago

I’m also writing this on May 2. I’m listening to songs on YouTube and right now I’m listening to Adam Levine’s Lost Stars. Adam Levine is the lead vocalist of Maroon 5, an American band. I don’t know what I’m going to listen to next but the video on the autoplay section of the sidebar isn’t a song I want to listen to.

I went back to the homepage of YouTube and I found another song. It’s a new one that came out just last month, I think. I already listened to it and I liked it so I’m playing it now. I might play it again later because now I think I really liked it when I listened to it for the first time.

The singer is popular like Maroon 5. I liked her songs when she first came out. Her style has changed but I think it’s okay. I think her songs are better now before, but I guess it’s not fair to compare if the styles are different. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.