Most Common English Words (no. 17)

The next word in the list of the Most Common English Words is “as“. It is used as an adverb, preposition, or conjunction. As an adverb, it is used when comparing:

  • He is as almost tall as his father.
  • I can’t run as fast as you.

As a preposition, “as” is used to talk about a person or thing’s role or purpose:

  • I worked as a server in a cafe but I quit after two months.
  • As a preposition, you can use “as” like this.

As a conjunction, “as” is used to mean “because”:

  • As I thought 90 minutes was too long, I asked my teacher if we could study for just an hour instead.
  • I will do what you said as you’re the expert.

As” as a conjunction is also used to mean “in the same way” or “in the way that”:

  • This store looks as it did when it was built 50 years ago.
  • I answered this question by doing as the teacher did.