Listening Advice

In his diary, Matsutani-san asked me to write about how to be able to listen to songs better and the advice is the same advice I give all my students in everything: do it more. Listen more.

If you want to be able to listen to native English speakers better, then you have to listen a lot. This is the rule in everything, I think. If you want to learn to cook, you need to cook. If you want to learn to ride a bike, you need to ride until you learn. If you want to be a better runner, you run everyday until you can run for a long time without stopping. If you want to learn to do anything, you have to do it a lot until you can.

In my music player, I have 2,305 songs. About 60 of them are Korean, 15 are French, 10 are Spanish, and all the others are English. I also listen to news in English at least once a week, watch English TV shows and movies, and watch videos in English on YouTube. There is no magical solution to learning a language. There is no Harry Potter school for listening. Whether its listening or reading or writing or speaking, you have to do it. And do it a lot.