3 Websites for Listening

Just like with reading, I think what you should listen to when you’re practicing at home is something related to your interests. If you like music, listen to songs but if you don’t then listen to news or podcasts. That said, I think that listening to other things once in a while is also a good thing so today I’m going to write about three websites for listening practice at home.

    1. TED
    Ted is a website where videos of talks can be viewed. There are different topics like education, business, science, and social problems so it’s great because there’s always something for everyone. The people who give the talks talk in their normal way of speaking so it might be difficult to follow. But there are subtitles so if you can’t keep up you can use the subtitles and then, after watching the video a few times, try again without subtitles.

    2. BBC Learning English
    BBC has a site for English learners and this website has a section for listening called “6 Minute English”, which is like a radio program where two people talk about different topics while introducing useful vocabulary. The speakers, Britons, don’t speak slowly but there is a transcript, which could help.

    3. VOA News
    What you can listen to on the VOA website is a recording of the featured news on the site. The narrator speaks slowly and clearly so it’s easy to follow. The news is also available under the audio player so it can be read if you think listening to the audio is still difficult.