AWARDS 2023, Part IV

When I ask them to give me a sentence using a word or grammar rule they just learned, they sometimes make interesting sentences like “My brother likes to read” even when they don’t have a brother, or “My grandmother is scary” even though they think their grandma is very sweet. 😂😂

I don’t know why they make up stories (maybe they panic and just say the first thing they can think of), but sometimes their sentences are based on reality and very honest, like in the previous blog post. 😆 One example is a sentence a student said when I asked them to give me a sentence with the word “possess.”



Me: Do you understand how to use “possess”?

Students: Yes

Me: Okay give me an example, please. You first.

Student: I want to possess a handsome boy.


I wish the student gets what she wants, but the sentence was funny because possess means “to have as property (財産).” People are not property, so her sentence sounded like she wanted to buy a person. 😱😂

As I always tell my students, knowing how to properly use the words they already know can help them express themselves better even if they don’t know many difficult words. I hope the student won’t make the same mistake when using possess in the future!