Self Introduction Video

Yesterday I added subtitles to the self introduction video I made, and I just sent the link of the video to Matsutani-san so it should be on the website of Inari-juku soon (maybe).

It’s different from the first video I made, which was in a Question and Answer format and had some pictures and music, because editing takes up some time and Inari-san needed the video.

Also, I’ve started making new lessons; and planning, researching, making materials and preparing for the lessons always take up so much of my time.

The new video is simpler but the message is the same. It is a short self introduction video that will give you an idea about me. I was following instructions while making that video, so the me in the video is not really the same as the real me.

If you ever decide to take my lessons, however, you can find out whether that is true or not.