AWARDS 2023, Part I

Next week on this day, classes in Inari juku will officially end this year (there will still be English conversation lessons on February 23, 24 and 25), which means it’s time again for me to acknowledge the students who have done really well since last year.

This year I decided to give an award to sentences. I’m calling it the “Memorable Sentence Award,” and there are a lot of winners.

Until today, I’ve collected interesting and funny sentences that my students have said, so I can share their creativity and imagination. 😆😁



(During vocabulary lesson… )

Me: First word is whisker (ヒゲ). Do you know what it means?

Student: Hmmm. Someone who whisks?


This one really made me laugh because my student thought whisker was a job, like baker and actor. I understand why she got confused (English can be confusing!), but it’s really cute that she thought there are people in this world whose job is to whisk. 😂😂😂