Yesterday evening as I was locking my door, I suddenly felt bad. I thought it was hives so I went back in my apartment, got an antihistamine pill, and left for work.

While I was going down the stairs, I started to feel light-headed. I thought it would get better eventually, so I ignored it and continued to walk to work. Halfway there I started to feel nauseous and very weak. If it had not rained and the ground was dry, I would have lay on the ground right there and then. 😂

I decided then that I couldn’t go to work because I would be useless to my students and I would be a bother to everyone else. I messaged Inari-san and called the juku to let them know and ask them to let my students know that I couldn’t give them a lesson.

And so for the first time in almost seven years of teaching in Japan, I missed work.

I know it was out of my control; but for someone who likes to plan ahead and who is careful not to get sick or hurt, it was very distressing and unsettling for me to be forced to miss work because of something I didn’t know the cause of.

Now I feel better and next week I’m going to tell my doctor about it when I go see him. Luckily for me, he can speak English well and, like my older students, has gotten used to me asking “why?” 😂