Vaccinated! Jabbed! Inoculated!

Yesterday, FINALLY, I got my first COVID-19 shot.

It might sound strange, but I was excited for it. 😆

Most of my family back home have been vaccinated, and every time one of them got a shot, they would ask me when I would get vaccinated. Their worrying made me worry, so now we all don’t have to worry about it. 😂

I’ve also been worried because my job involves meeting and talking to different people every week, and I’ve worried about being a source or spreader of the virus, especially because I know that some of my students occasionally see their grandparents or (for my older students) parents.

I only got the first shot, so I’m not well protected yet, but it has taken a lot of weight off my shoulders.

My second shot is on the 31st. I’m worried feeling terrible from possible side effects, but I can’t wait to be fully vaccinated. 💉