See You and Take Care!

parody – a speech, music, etc., that copies the style of someone or something else in a funny way

I chose today’s song because it is a parody and I think it’s so funny and I really like it. I liked that the video was very well made (like the original!), but I loved that the dancers in the music video wore face masks and the stars observed social distancing. 😂 😍

Japan has been lucky that it hasn’t been hit as hard by the coronavirus as other countries, but the virus is still out there so we have to be careful. It’s hard because it’s so hot and humid, so I want to thank my students who come to the school always wearing a mask. From your lesson next week, you will have to keep doing it. Until then, here’s something you can do at home to practice English:


Listening Homework
(you will find the link to the song inside the file and you can type your answers):
Listening Activity (August 15)

(please open only after you do the listening homework):
Answers for Listening Activity (August 15)