I am taking another break from the “Genius” series because I feel like summer has already started and I should give a warning to everyone, especially my students.

Before that, I would like to remind everyone that even though I am from the Philippines, my hometown is located 1,500 meters above sea level so most of the time the weather is comfortable. The temperature there rarely goes above 28 degrees or below 6 degrees, and it gets humid only during days or weeks of rain.

Because of that, I think, I hate hot and humid weather. I hate it. Completely. I hate it so much that every summer I spent in Japan, I thought about quitting my job and going back home or moving to Hokkaido (I thought it this afternoon too).

On hot and humid days, I get headaches. Yesterday evening I had a really bad one and this afternoon during my lesson I had another one (not as bad as last night’s though). I also get very, very sleepy on hot and humid days. This afternoon, I was so sleepy I took a nap even though I very rarely take naps.

Hot and humid weather is not very good to me so I’m giving this notification: if I look angry in class, it’s probably not your fault. I’m probably just having a headache or complaining in my head about the weather. I try really hard not to complain about the weather; but until fall comes, please refer to this notice. 😁