Guest Post 5

I am back again today; but, as you probably already know from the title, it isn’t my writing that you will be reading (thank you, my dear lovely students 😉😆). Today’s “guest writer” is a high school student who wrote about a normal day at school. Maybe he had nothing else to write and I completely understand. Here it is:

There were midterm exams from October 15th to October 19th. I [had] eleven [tests]. I’m good at math and biology, so I will get a good score [in those subjects].

I watched a [play] at school. The [play’s] title [was] “Land Mine Detector [Dog] Nina.” I was moved by the [play]. [The play made me] I want to [go around] the world.

On October 20th I went to Kyoto with my mother and grandmother. I went to Kyoto to do my art homework. [The] museum was very [quiet] so I relaxed. I want to go there again.