Japanese Monday: The First Lesson

When I came back in March I decided to learn Japanese seriously because I’m living in the perfect place to learn it. I tried looking for classes but it was difficult to find one because of my work schedule. Luckily, one of my friends is taking Japanese lessons, and she introduced me to her Japanese teacher yesterday. Luckily, again, the Japanese teacher agreed to give me lessons even though she’s so busy already.

Today was my first lesson. It was difficult because I had to read sentences in hiragana (I know but I’m not confident with) and katakana (I don’t know), and it was challenging to read properly and remember the new Katakana characters I just learned. I have always known that learning a second or third or fourth language is difficult, but I understood today how the pressure of speaking in a different language can make it difficult for a person to express his or herself.

It was a 90-minute lesson and most of the time I was having difficulty but I’m excited for the next lesson (and even to do my writing homework) because I can’t wait to see how much I can accomplish.

P.S. If you’re my student and you read last Saturday’s post, the haiku homework was just a joke. Happy April Fool’s! 😀