This week in one of my classes where we are practicing writing more than speaking, I asked my students to write a complaint letter. Before the class I thought about what the students could complain about and I finally decided that I would be the safest (and a possibly funny) topic, so that is what I told my students.

I had no expectation about what they would write and I was ready to receive criticisms, but I didn’t expect their letters to be very funny and informative. There were two students in that class and I am going to share a part of one of the student’s letter (the safer letter to share 😁).

She said:

    “I would like to lodge a complaint about [the] English teacher in Inari-juku, Carmelia.
    First, she is so noisy. She always laughs and sometimes we can hear her voice, even [when] we are [on] the third floor. Last Tuesday we took a [math] test. The test was very difficult, but the most difficult thing was not to hear Carmelia’s voice. It sounded so funny, so I wanted to go downstairs and speak with [her].”


The student’s letter was so funny and unexpected that students on the third floor during her class probably heard me and the other student laughing. I didn’t know that I could be heard on the third floor and it’s embarrassing and it makes me feel bad because I know that there are some math students who are really, really serious about studying and to them I’m probably like a witch who’s also crazy. 😥

Now that I know how noisy I am, I would like to say that I would make my laughter and my voice softer, but I’m not going to say it. When my students come in the evening after a long and tiring day at school, I have to raise their spirits so they can have energy to at least do the things that I am asking them to do in my class.

Unfortunately for the student who wrote the complaint letter, nothing will change. But, based on her laughter while I was reading her letter, I don’t think she will mind. 😆