Last week I had my hair bleached, so now it’s mostly blonde. Although the color is very different from my original hair color (black), for me it was simply changing my hair color; so it wasn’t such a big surprise or difference for me. However, it was a big shock to some of my students (😂😂😂😂😂), which is the reason why I am writing this post.

I want to inform anyone who is going to be affected by my hair color that blonde is not the color I want. Tomorrow I will go back to the hair salon to get my hair done again so that it will become the color I want it to be. The final color might be shocking or disgusting or offensive to some people, but it’s just hair color. 😉

It doesn’t mean anything. It’s like using makeup, but instead of putting it on the skin, its on the hair. Nothing but my hair color will change. I’m not suddenly going to become a ヤンキー or, sadly, a witch like Hermoine Granger 😔. It’s still going to be just me but with a different hair color.