Writing Speaking

Last year, while I was talking to my dance teacher, she said I didn’t need to use 丁寧語, and I could speak to her in タメ語. But all my textbooks were in 丁寧語, so I had no confidence using タメ語, so I told my dance teacher I could only speak 丁寧語. 😆

After that lesson, I wanted to be able to speak タメ語, so this year I decided to start a diary to practice “speaking.”

While I’m thinking about the sentences I’m going to write, I say them aloud until I think they’re right; and while writing them down, I also say them out loud at the same time.

After my lessons with my adult or university students, I ask them to check my sentences. (It’s also good English practice for them, I promise. 😆)

The next day in the morning, I write the correct sentences in red pen and read the correct sentences out loud.

It may sound silly and embarrassing to do, but I think reading aloud is a good way to practice speaking, especially because you can do it anytime and anywhere you want.

I have no confidence in my Japanese to say that I’ve gotten better at speaking it, but I have gotten more comfortable speaking タメ語, and now, every week during break time, I talk with my dance teacher in タメ語, and I’m glad that I can. 😊