On Thursday, I spoke to the mother of a girl who was my student and she told me that she has been reading my blog posts. I felt embarrassed when she said that, and I feel embarrassed every time someone tell me that they read my blog post on this site.

My usual writing process is like cooking stew. When I want to write something, I first gather my ideas in my head and let there sit there for some time. When those ideas become bigger, I write them down as sentences that become paragraphs that become blog posts or essays or whatever I am writing.

I don’t and cannot do that in this blog. I always just force ideas out of my head so I can write something and finish it soon. I usually don’t think about what I’m writing and whether it’s wrong or bad or unprofessional.

I just write because it is something I have to but don’t have time to spend on, which means that I probably usually write something not very good or even any good. So I would like to apologize to everyone who reads my blog posts here. I’m sorry if you’ve ever spent your precious time reading my blog posts that are not carefully written.

Unfortunately, they will not get better. I have to keep writing blog posts here the same way I have been writing them. So if you’re tired of reading my blog posts, you can stop. Don’t worry, I won’t feel bad or mad. I will completely understand. 😂