Because of the typhoon, my classes this evening were cancelled. After leaving the juku, I went to a supermarket to buy some things, and I was surprised that there was nothing in the deli section and the shelves of the bakery in the supermarket were completely empty.

I always get a little bit worried when I see a lot of empty spaces in supermarkets because I always remember the first time I saw empty shelves in supermarkets in the Philippines. It was when I was in university and a typhoon hit the Philippines and caused a lot of damages. After the typhoon was over, I and my roommates at the dorm went out to buy food because we didn’t have any left, but almost all the stores and shops were empty.

I was living away from my family and it was only the fourth month since I left home so I was very nervous about whether I and my roommates would find any food. I was also surprised because it was the first time I had seen, with my own eyes, so much damage from a typhoon.

I still remember the tall, thick trees that fell, the leaves that covered the roads, and the students in my dorm walking on the road in house clothes and flip flops. It felt to me like an end of the world scene in a movie, and it made me feel scared of typhoons more.

The typhoons that have hit Kyoto since I moved here haven’t been as bad and the ones in the Philippines, and here in Japan I don’t have to worry about the electricity getting cut off. Typhoons also give me something to write about for this blog so at least there’s one good thing about it for me now.