New books have recently been added to the book collection of Inari-juku. They’re mostly picture books because many of my new students can’t read difficult books yet, but some are manga because I thought they would be more interesting than readers.

Reading a book is one of the assignments of my students and when my students return the book after they’ve read it, I usually ask them what they think of the books. Students who don’t like reading usually say “so-so.” which disappoints me because I feel like they might not be gaining a lot from reading if they’re not really enjoying it.

I think a person can still learn something from a book even if he or she doesn’t enjoy it, but I prefer for my students to enjoy reading so they can be motivated to learn and remember new words or phrases that they find in books. This is the reason I decided to add manga to the book collection of Inari-juku.

Since I’m not really sure that students will like manga more than readers, I added just three manga to the collection. One is about volleyball, one is entitled “Assassination Classroom” and the other is about a high school student trying to achieve his dreams of becoming a mangaka. I chose these three because I wanted to give students different choices, and I hope the student will enjoy them.