My Opinion on Nature in the Philippines

I can’t say anything for sure about the nature in the Philippines because I haven’t been to many places in the Philippines but I think because of the location of my country, we have a lot of rainforests and corals. Our corals and the colorful fishes that live in them make our beaches famous so places like Cebu and Boracay attract a lot of tourists, both from the Philippines and outside the country.

Unfortunately, I have never been to the beaches in Cebu or Boracay because it takes around 11 hours for me to travel from my city to these places. My city is on the mountains so we need to travel 2 hours by car to get to the nearest beach. Good and fresh seafood can be quite expensive too, but we have cheap vegetables.

The region where my city is located has many vegetable gardens and rice terraces. It’s great because we get a lot of cheap and fresh vegetables but it’s bad because a lot of trees have been cut to make space for the gardens. Although my city has more trees than Manila and Cebu (maybe), I think our farmers should be more mindful of what they do to our trees.