Today is the middle of the week. It is also right in the middle of Inari-juku’s Golden Week holidays so I think it’s like a break from the holidays. I love long holidays because I can travel to far places without rushing, but I guess they can be good too because they can keep us from becoming lazy to go back to work after the holidays.

But for my job, breaks within a long holiday, like today, can break (haha) my lesson plan for my group classes. Since every student has their own plan so one student might be able to come but another might not, which means that I cannot proceed with the lesson plan because the student who can’t come will miss the lesson that will be related and necessary to other future lessons.

This does not mean, however, that the students who can and do come are wasting their time. For breaks between holidays when I have group classes where students cannot come, I usually prepare another lesson, which are based on what I think the student needs or wants to improve on.

It might be speaking or listening or vocabulary or an activity wherein they can practice one or a few or all three of those skills. Basically, it’s like a regular lessons but they’re more personalized for the one or two students who are present on that day. It’s still learning but a little bit more relaxed that it might seem like a break.