Borrowing Books

One of my students has sent me a message asking about books that he is required to read for his classes in university. He’s looking for four books, which is a lot and unfortunately not included in the books we have at the cram school. I don’t have those books either but then I remembered the library.

Nagaokakyo Library has only a few readers but Iwakura Library has some English books for children, young adults and adults and I have borrowed from them before. I thought only people who lived in Kyoto City could borrow from Iwakura Library but I learned that I can borrow from them through Nagaokakyo Library and I have been doing that to borrow books to read in my free time.

Iwakura Library doesn’t have a huge collection of English books but they have enough and even some interesting ones. I don’t know if they have books that teachers in schools require their students to read, but I think it’s great that there is a library in Kyoto City that has English books to lend to people who are interested in reading.