Day 22: Tōryanse

The title of today’s story is とおりゃんせ.

I didn’t know what was so I looked it up and I found out that it’s a song played by traffic lights when it is safe for people to cross. This is the song in English, according to Wikipedia:

You may go in, you may enter
Which way is this narrow pathway?
This is the narrow pathway of the Tenjin shrine
Please allow me to go through
Those without good reason shall not pass
To celebrate the 7th birthday of this child
We’ve come to dedicate our offering
Going in is easy, but returning is scary
It’s scary, but
You may go in, You may pass through

I think it’s quite long and it isn’t really about crossing the street. I also don’t think I have ever heard it before but now that I know about it, I think it would be fun to hear it while I’m crossingt.