Day 20: Big Seat

Today’s story is set in Russia and it has a picture that makes me want to read. Sadly, the story has a lot of words that I do not know so I didn’t really understand it except for a few sentences with words that I know.

I’m not even sure about the title (おおくま座) of the story. I used Google to translate it and the translation it gave me was big seat.

It could be right but there is no seat in the picture and I don’t think I read anything about a picture in the story.

There was another thing that confused me. At the beginning of the story was this phrase: なん日もなん日も, which Google translated to “for many days”. The phrase is confusing because I learned that なん means what and も means “also”.

But the rule I was given in learning Japanese is to not ask questions, so I decided not to think about it and I’m not confused anymore.