Day 13: Paper Boat

Today’s story is about a paper boat. Since I understood the first few sentences, I could imagine how the story progressed even though the next sentences were difficult for me to understand.

    progress – to develop over a period of time

Yesterday’s story was more difficult – I didn’t understand it at all! The only word I knew in that story was おとこ, おんなのこ and うそつき.

Saturday’s story was much better. It was the longest so it had a lot of words I didn’t know, but it is a story I know well. It’s English title is The Little Mermaid, and it was made into a movie by Disney. I was surprised to see it in the book because I thought the book would only have Japanese short stories, but I liked it.

I hope there are more stories from Hans Christian Andersen in the book, because I can probably understand them even if I don’t know most of the words.