Just In Case Method

In a lesson yesterday, I and my students talked about the reason we study English.

I told them that the reason I try to always improve my English is because I just want to get better at using the language. And when I was in high school, my parents didn’t pressure or force me to get into famous universities, but I studied hard because I wanted to do my best.

    pressure – to force someone to do something

One of my students said she didn’t study English for university exams when she was in high sschool too. She said her reason was “just in case” she would meet some people she wanted to meet and got a chance to talk to them.

I agreed with her and said I think the same way. The reason why I still try to keep improving is because I might need it in the future. Just in case.

I think it’s a good way to think in order to motivate yourself to learn something, and my student and I decided to call it the “just in case method”. If you ever have low motivation, think about the possibility of being able to do something in the future and let it push you.