3 Things To Improve

I have a lot to learn as a teacher. There are things that I don’t know (like classroom management), and there are things that I do but I’m not confident about (like making lesson plans). I try to keep learning so I can improve as a teacher, and there are things I always try to do but wish I could do better:

1. Understanding Students
I try to do this all the time. Every time I make a lesson plan or materials for my lessons or listening homework I think about my students abilities and skills. But when my students get stuck or their improvement is very slow, I feel it’s because I don’t really understand them and I’m not giving them what they need.

2. Japanese
Some of my students can’t understand English well so sometimes it’s difficult to explain difficult grammar rules. Every time this happens I wish I could speak Japanese well so I could explain in their language instead.

3. Balancing
When my students come to the cram school (especially my students who are going to school) their mind and body are usually tired from classes in school or exams or club practice or homework, so I try to make the lessons as fun as possible but sometimes I feel like maybe my students are having too much fun and maybe that’s not a good thing.