Counting in Kanji

I finished my kanji writing homework and the writing part wasn’t difficult, but I didn’t understand the difference between 音読 and 訓読 so I asked help from a few people. The first person I asked was a student I’ve had for almost three years. She was able to explain to me the difference between the two but when I asked her the rules of when I should use one or the other, she couldn’t and she said it was frustrating that she couldn’t. 😄

She said she would find out and tell me about it next time. Naturally, I told her to write it in her diary because I thought it was a good opportunity for her to practice more English. I’m looking forward to reading her explanation. 😃

The next person I asked was Matsutani-san. He was laughing when I was asking for help, but his expression changed when I gave him the question. So it was my turn to laugh. 😂 He got help from Google and two tutors, but his final answer was I had to choose between the two based on my feeling. 😲 Unfortunately, I don’t think I can do that and I don’t know if that’s the best advice so I’m still looking for an answer. I hope I’ll find it.