Guest Post 6

My last post for this year is another guest post. It might seem strange because I am supposed to be the one doing the writing, but it isn’t because my classes revolve around my students. The decisions I make for my classes depend on my students’ participation and where they are and where they want to be.

I promise that is not an excuse. 😂😂😂

The writer of the piece below is one of my junior high school students. He didn’t write it, but he said in class that he likes Nagaokakyo City. I wish he wrote it because I feel the same way.

I live in Nagaokakyo City, so I’ll tell you about Nagaokakyo City.

There is a lot of nature [in Nagaokakyo] and there are important buildings, for example, Murata Innovator in Electronics [and] Ristumeikan junior high school and senior high school.

I think this town is developing as much as Kyoto City.