My Opinion on Japanese

Just like many tourists who come to Japan, my first opinion of Japanese was they’re very quiet and polite. I think it’s generally true but as I mentioned in my post two days ago, there are a lot of different people in every race and country. Maybe most Japanese don’t say a lot when you meet them the first time (and especially when you speak to them in English) but they can be noisy and  fun and crazy too.

I cannot be sure because I’ve only lived in Japan for a few years and I haven’t done a lot of research about Japanese people, but I think Filipinos are generally more straightforward and less polite than Japanese. They also speak out their complaints more. Filipino women like cute things less than Japanese women, and Filipino men are more chivalrous(騎士道的) than Japanese men. Children and teenagers in the Philippines try to act more grown up than they are, but I think children and teenagers in Japan act their age.

Japanese teenagers in junior and senior high school spend more time studying than Filipino teenagers, but maybe Filipino teenagers help out at home more. University students in the Philippines generally study harder than Japanese students, however, because we plan to use what we learn after we graduate.

I studied Development Communication because I discovered that I like English in high school and I wanted to write. Being an English teacher was never a part of my plan but I’m interested in languages and I love the moment when a student (or I) realizes that he/she has gotten better or that using English is fun after all.