My Opinion on Working in a Foreign Country

Working in a foreign country, for everyone, is difficult (I think). You have to leave your family and friends in your home country and get used to new culture, new food, new language, etc. You have to learn many things so you don’t get into trouble or make the mistake of disrespecting the local people and their beliefs. At work you need to get used to the working culture and adapt to it so you don’t lose your job or disappoint your clients.

Basically, it’s difficult especially (I think) if (1) you’re not independent, (2) you don’t have an open mind, and (3) you can’t find good friends who can support you. Luckily, I’ve met people from other countries who came to Japan to work, and they’ve supported me a lot. I’ve also got a lot of wonderful students who’ve made my work memorable and pleasant. ^^~