Most Common English Words (no. 8)

The longest word on the top ten of the most common English words is “that“, which can be used as a determiner, a conjunction, or a pronoun. A determiner is a word used before a noun to show who or what is being talked about. “The” and “a” are also determiners.

As a determiner, “that” is used to talk about a person, thing, etc. that is not with the speaker.

  • Is that the new teacher?
  • That bag is expensive.

As a conjunction, it can be used to add a phrase or clause that gives more information.

  • She said that she would be late. (Removing “that” is also fine.)
  • It was so bright that I needed to use my sunglasses.

As a pronoun, “that” is used to express a reaction to something.

  • I didn’t you were fired. That’s terrible.
  • First, you have to add eggs and then add the flour. That’s right.

The next word is a verb and it is also a four-letter word like “that“. You can use it to talk about ownership. Can you guess what it is?