My Opinion on Filipinos

I think Filipinos like to talk. We talk with our family, friends, co-workers and other people a lot. I think that’s why social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are very popular in the Philippines. I think Filipinos like to express their opinion so they comment on a lot of things. This is great because it leads to discussions and I think it means Filipinos aren’t difficult to start having a conversation with, but it’s also not good because Filipinos sometimes comment on things they don’t know much about (I think not only Filipinos do this though).

Filipinos also usually express their feelings openly. This means that when we care about somebody, we usually always try to talk to them or ask them how they are doing. We try to meet them as much as we can and make them feel special. This is especially true for couples and close friends. Of course, when we’re not happy or when we’re angry with something, we sometimes show it too.

Filipinos are generally optimistic and carefree. When something bad happens, we complain about it and/or talk about it with our friends and family members, but we focus on the positive side of things. I think this could be one of the reasons why in the Philippines we rarely hear about students leaving school because of bullying or of people committing suicide. However, it could also be one of the reasons why there are a lot of social problems that don’t get addressed. We focus too much on positive things that we don’t take things seriously even when we should.

There are many types of Filipinos just like there are many types of Japanese, Americans, Thais, Africans, etc. The things I wrote here might be true for some people but not true for others so I don’t think reading about my opinion on Filipinos is a good way to know about them. I think the best way to know about people is to not think about their race and just to know them as people.