AWARDS 2023, Part V

Verb tenses are hard to teach because the concept of each tense indicating time or continuance or completeness is hard to understand for my students who speak a language that relies heavily on context, so when I give my students quizzes on verb tenses, sometimes they come up with very funny sentences like the winner of today’s award.



Me: Please complete the sentence with the verb in the right tense:

I can’t dance because I _____ my leg.

Student: I can’t dance because I am breaking my leg.


I am sure my student doesn’t want to hurt himself, but when he said the sentence, in my head I saw a picture very close to the picture above. 🤣

The sentence is one of the more recent ones and is also the last receiver of the Memorable Sentence Award this year. To be honest, there are many, many more sentences that my students have said or written that made me laugh, but most of the time I’m too busy laughing to wrote them down. 😂😂

Of course, I do not laugh because I think they’re silly and they make stupid mistakes. Instead, I like to think that laughing at their mistakes is my way of indirectly teaching them that mistakes are not scary, but something they can laugh at and learn from. 😁