Day 30: The End

Today is the last day of the Story-a-Day Challenge that I started on November 1.

Now that it’s finished. I can’t believe that it has already been 30 days. It seems like the 30 days went very quickly.

Since today’s the last day, I read the same story that I read on the first day. The title is うみ.

When I read it the first time I only know 3 words, but this time I could understand more because there were words in the story that I’ve already encountered in the stories that I have read this month.

I also understand what the story is saying better because I actually remember the meaning of the words from when I looked them up 29 days ago.

Because of that I think this challenge is great, but I still think that this book wasn’t the right level for me and I would have learned more if I had read something that fit my level.