Meeting “New” Students

Today I had my first lesson with the students that Matsutani-san had been teaching on his own. Last week I was nervous because it was going to be the first time I would teach more than 4 students, but I realized yesterday that all I needed to do was teach the same way I teach in my regular lessons, so I was actually the least nervous I have ever been since I started teaching at Inari-juku. 😌😎

Is it a sign that I have matured as a teacher??? 😂😂😂

Because I wasn’t nervous, I could focus on my students so I was able to see what seemed difficult or interesting for them. As always, they had their own strengths and weaknesses (which is why it’s difficult to find a class that’s good for each student!), but I think all of them had the right attitude, which is the most important!

Eventually, they’ll polish the rough parts in their English and learn new things to use the language better, but the most important in the beginning (and up to the end!) is having the right attitude. I think all the student today have that and I hope they don’t lose it as we go on.