Holiday on a Holiday

I decided not to give homework yesterday even though it is the Obon holidays because I decided sometime ago that Sunday will be the day of the week when I do not work or think about work at all. It’s important for my mental health, I think. 😌 😌 😆

Sunday is also a great day for me to call the people in my family because most of them don’t have work or school so we can relax while talking (for a looooong time). I have had a bit of time to relax during this holiday, but I have not forgotten the listening homework; so, if you’re my student, here is today’s:

Listening Homework
(you will find the link to the song inside the file and you can type your answers):
Listening Activity (August 10)

(please open only after you do the listening homework):
Answers for Listening Activity (August 10)